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Duro Capital is a funds management firm that aims to grow wealth for our capital partners by investing in companies listed on the ASX.

We take a long term view in the stocks that we hold, and hence it is the long term investment partner that we seek.

After successfully managing our own portfolio for some time (996% total return or 33% p.a. personal portfolio return Nov 2015 - Mar 2024), Duro Capital was established to extend the invitation to like-minded investors to join us on this journey of growth. 

We take a fundamentals based and first-principles approach to investment in listed companies, much like a private investor in private business - by delving deeply into the business and the handful of levers that will drive success. 

Whilst maintaining the flexibility to pursue an outstanding investment opportunity in all areas of the ASX, the bulk of our time will be spent in analysing small and micro-cap companies. This is where the illiquidity of stocks provides us with a structural advantage being a boutique fund and where historical returns have been higher than other segments of the ASX.

Duro Capital is focused on delivering a unique approach to asset management that we call “The Partnership Approach” - cultivating a bilateral relationship with our investor base.


Our investors are like-minded people that have insights, experience and networks in their respective industries. We will not hesitate to draw on these resources in the pursuit of better answers to our questions if we are analysing an opportunity in their area of expertise. 

ASX Listed.
Predominantly small and micro caps.
Concentrated (5 - 15 stocks).
businesses, clear customer value proposition and a small market share in a large market that is experiencing rapid change.

15% p.a. averaged over a 5 - 7 year investment cycle.

Our decisions are informed by traditional and alternate data sources.
Long-term investor who will view buying into the fund similarly to buying into a business with members of their family.
The founders are unit holders and are fully aligned with the Fund and its strategies with 100% of their investible assets.

“Our mission is to create meaningful partnerships with our investors on a long-term journey of growth”

Thanks for following our journey!

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